Calling In A Bee Removal Company To Rid Your Home Of Bees

by: Andrea Avery

If you have found a beehive in your home or office and need it removed then for your own safety and the safety of others you should call a bee removal service to do the work. Doing it yourself is fine if you know what you are doing but if you do not then you could get hurt. Bees can become very angry when a problem occurs to their hive! Having your residence invaded by bees is no fun at all. While bees are important to the environment you do not want them making your home their home and from there causing mayhem! While bees generally start their hives in hollowed out trees or in a sheltered spot in the outdoors there are times that they will find their way into a dwelling and will build a hive in a place that is fitting for them. Many bees like to build their nests in attics because they are dark, dim and quiet. However some will find a spot inside a wall and will construct their home from there. The habits of bees are something that a bee removal service can explain to you in detail. If you notice bees in a particular region in your house then take a look on the outside to see if you can find a spot where they may have gained entry into the residence. You may have to look very closely as bees are small and can squeeze through a tiny crevice that is smaller than an inch wide. Once the bees have started their work you are likely to hear constant humming coming from the area in question. If you can prevent bees from gaining entry into your residence in the first place then you will be able to prevent a more serious problem from taking place. However bees move quickly. Once they have established their place in your house it is likely that you will have to enlist the help of a professional bee removal business to get rid of them. The easiest and simplest time to get bees out of your home is when they are in the process of swarming. An experienced beekeeper would know the proper technique for taking bees from one location, containing them and then safely moving them to a new location. However a pest control company would have its own strategies for bee removal. If you are concerned about the welfare of the bees then look for a company that offers humane control of bees. Some of these companies can also teach you preventative methods to make sure that the problem never occurs again. Live bee removal is a possibility at some of these businesses. Inquire about the company's methods before you agree to hire them. If bees have nested in your walls then the removal firm will have to open up the structure in order to get to the bees. After the bees have been removed then the hive will have to be removed as well. If it is left in place then the wax will melt when the weather turns hot. This will cause honey to leak into your home by way of the walls. Not only can this attract new pests to the same area but it can cause also bring about damage to your home.